A dark space with a large round light resembling the moon. There are cusions on the floor.
Overload: Broken Symmetries @ FACT

This winter FACT Liverpool premiered ‘Broken Symmetries’, an exhibition resulting from a collaboration between the gallery and CERN laboratories’ growing arts programme.

It’s a brave feat to take some of the most challenging scientific theories and investigations in modern day physics and throw visual arts into the mix. The hesitant symbiosis between arts and sciences is now very much established and the benefits to both disciplines brought about by collaboration are common knowledge. Personally, I am an advocate for all multidisciplinary openness and a firm believer in looking for inspiration outside of your own circles. But despite great intentions, ‘Broken Symmetries’ is a show that communicates very little, and because of that it provides the perfect chance to comment critically on the development of FACT’s artistic programme.